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What programs do we recommend?
Our top recommendations are listed below in order. If you are serious about earning an income online then we suggest you take a long hard look at each of these companies potentials. Support is one of the top qualifications we look for when evaluating a company and we are extremely satisfied with each of these companies support, products, services and associate program!

VMC Satellite : This is one of the most lucrative affiliate programs on the Internet. Three tiers with 50 dollar customer commissions direct to you for a free satellite giveaway. How hard is it to give away a FOUR room satellite offer with free installation? Exactly, this is why it's so lucrative! Perfect for pay per click ad's. Sign up here.

Investigator Pro - High converting impulse buy products that put more money in your pocket. If you promote any kind of detective, investigative programs you should be able to explode your income with this affiliate program. Two tier opportunity!

Health, Nutrients & Sex Sell! Denise's true story, "How I Went From Bankrupt to Wealthy in 99 Days" - complete with pictures of how she turned her life around thanks to the extra income this affiliate program has given her.
"Highly Recommended!"

Snapshot Spy - Snapshot Spy is a new computer recording software that records everything done on a computer. It is available by instant download online. The affiliate program pays a large commission of each sale made from your website. You receive an email confirmation of each sale made, 24/7 statistics tracking, and get this: a totally automated visitor follow-up system that will track your ID through each follow-up message. If your visitor buys a year or two down the road you get credit! Finally an affiliate program that will help you push your commissions through the roof. Sign up here free
"Highly Recommended!"

MYSS is a killer new free associate program that is on it's way to becoming the number one program on the Internet. This program is HOT. Check out the MYSS book. One of the most important offering of the MYSS associate program is the fact that they will not only pay you a commission on sales from your links but they will also pay you commissions from your referrals for life! That's right, if the individual comes back in 5 years YOU will receive a commission! The customer is tagged to you for life. To make this affiliate program work they are limiting associates to a certain number to avoid crowding and to allow affiliates a fair chance to earn a large income without the intense competition most associate programs develop. Once they reach the maximum number the affiliate sign up will be removed. It is important that you join now to avoid being left out.

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