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The Associate Guide
This guide will help you create a steady income stream from your web site. If you are new to the Internet or associate programs in general you should start at the beginners chapter which will help explain associate programs in detail. Explore this guide at your own pace and with a little work, the power of the Internet, and the Associate Search web site you will be on your way to creating a long term revenue stream from your web site.

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Your Associate Guide : Choosing
by David Seitz -

Choosing a selection of associate programs for your web site does not have to be a daunting task. Use the following advice and you will quickly be on your way to generating revenue from your web site without the headaches of selling your own products and services. With a little savvy marketing and a touch of creativity your web site will earn you revenue 24 hours a day.

  • How do I pick an associate program?
  • How do I find targeted programs?
  • What if I can't find a program?
  • Make the most of your new associate links?

How do I pick an associate program?
Associate, affiliate, referral programs are the hottest buzz on the Internet right now and I am sure they will be for years to come in fact I'll bet on it!. The market & Internet in general are only going to grow, as a result there will be more and more associate programs born. Weeding through them can be a chore.

Try to pick programs that are geared to your web sites content, if you have a site about classic movies some good associate programs for your site could be: Videos, dvd's, snacks. If your site is about do it your self remodeling some good associate programs would be: Tool's, building supplies, how to books, magazines, drafting services, etc.. If you target your programs to your web site content you will have a much better success rate, let's face it someone looking for remodeling information will probably not be interested in jump ropes and roller skates. Target your market..

How do I find targeted programs?
You can easily find associate programs that are geared to your web site content by searching by keywords related to your content. You can also head right to the associate categories at the web directory, just find a category that your web site fit's into and see what type of associate programs are available.

What if I can't find a program?
There are thousands of associate programs out there and the odds are greatly in your favor that you'll find an associate program to join. In the event that you do not find one you still have a few options. Joining an associate book program can open some doors to you. Find a few books that have information related to the content of your site and place a few reviews and links throughout your site. If your visitor are interested in YOUR content then the odds are they will be interested in books related to your content. Same goes for software, magazines, etc. Remember the little things do add up and if you receive a large amount of traffic you could be in for a delightful surprise in the form of a commission check delivered to your door.

Make the most of your new associate links?
With a little creative thinking in the beginning you can save yourself some headaches and disappointment. Using the supplied graphics and linking with your new associate address is not even near enough to generate a steady stream of revenue. You must be prepared to promote your links in creative ways throughout your site, newsletters, flyers etc. The next section will give you some great tips on marketing your new associate programs. You will find proven techniques that have been tested over time to work, and to work well....... Your on your way!

Your Associate Guide © 1999 David Seitz

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