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The Associate Guide
This guide will help you create a steady income stream from your web site. If you are new to the Internet or associate programs in general you should start at the beginners chapter which will help explain associate programs in detail. Explore this guide at your own pace and with a little work, the power of the Internet, and the Associate Search web site you will be on your way to creating a long term revenue stream from your web site.

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Your Associate Guide : Multi-Tier
by David Seitz -

Multi-tier associate programs can earn you a long term residual income if you play it smart in the beginning. Most multi-tier associate programs use the highly recognized two-tier system and are not to be confused with multi level marketing.

  • How does a multi-tier program work?
  • How do I sign up other web masters?
  • What are the best multi-tier associate programs?

How does a multi-tier program work?
A multi-tier or two-tier program works just like an average associate program except for one fantastic added feature. Not only can you earn revenue from peoples purchases through your links but you can sign up other webmasters into the associate program and earn a percent off their sales as well! The percent you earn from referral webmasters is much smaller then your regular associate earnings but with enough webmasters signed up you can earn a tremendous amount of money in a relatively short time. One bonus is the fact that once you have a few webmasters signed up that know how to market their programs successfully they will be making you money.

We have an entire section devoted to Multi-tier programs and I give them my highest recommendation. I believe the Multi-tier format will be the format of choice for many new associate programs and this is a fantastic opportunity for anyone with a web site to create a large revenue stream. One of the most popular and successful two-tier programs is the Internet Marketing Course by Corey Rudel.

How do I sign up other web masters?
To tell you the truth signing up new webmasters should not be your first concern! Showing webmasters how to market their new associate program should be number one on your list. Getting someone to join your program is the easy part, having them make money is the more important part, let's face it having thousands of people join up for your program is not going to make you any money. Showing a thousand people in your program how to make their associate program work will make you a ton of money. Remember this rule and you will be a a very happy associate.

Remember the old saying: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time!" Those are powerful words and they are the absolute truth. Show a webmaster in your associate program how to make money and he will earn you a commission for as long as the two of you are in the program. Teach a thousand and..... well you get the picture, right? Do not underestimate the power of a multi-tier system, with some hard work in the beginning you can be on your way to a very lucrative web site.

Pass down all the marketing knowledge you learn, the techniques, tips, tricks and tools of your trade to your associates and you will succeed in creating a very large associate machine earning you revenue 24 hours a day 7 days a week while you sleep.

What are the best multi-tier associate programs?
The best multi-tier associate programs in my opinion are the programs that provide you with top notch support, marketing material, techniques, advice, etc. If you can find a wealth of helpful information to use for marketing then the webmasters you sign up will also be able to use this info, keep that in mind when choosing a multi tier program.

The way the net is expanding it looks like multi-tier associate programs will dominate over the standard associate programs. In the near future it will be just as easy to find a multi-tier program geared to your content as it is to find a standard program. Visit the Multi-Tier section of my site for a large accounting of multi-tier programs.

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