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The Associate Guide
This guide will help you create a steady income stream from your web site. If you are new to the Internet or associate programs in general you should start at the beginners chapter which will help explain associate programs in detail. Explore this guide at your own pace and with a little work, the power of the Internet, and the Associate Search web site you will be on your way to creating a long term revenue stream from your web site.

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Your Associate Guide : Tip's &Trick's
by David Seitz -

Joining an associate program and setting up your links is just the beginning of your journey. There are many steps you will need to take to make your new associate program produce desirable results. I'll show you some of the trick's & techniques I use in my own marketing as well as give you some solid advice from other Internet marketers.

  • What just a link?
  • Your testimonial.
  • You do have a newsletter right?

What just a link?
Are you just linking to your associate program and hoping the cash will just poor in? Slow down partner! You need to put a in little effort and some smart thinking to achieve any kind of worth while results. Just placing a link to a program and dreaming the masses will click and purchase is just that "a dream". Thinking ahead and following proven techniques will provide you with much better results, and it's not as hard as you think.

Your testimonial
What do you think is one of the most successful forms of marketing? I'll tell you right up front, it's a personal recommendation. When one of your friends recommends a product or service to you how do you react? Most people will listen up and check it out, even if it's subconsciously. What do I mean by subconsciously? If your friend recommends a burger joint to you one day while chit chatting you may be subconsciously inclined to try their food. Let's put it into perspective: A week latter you and your buddy are out fishing and stop at a newsstand to browse through the paper or phone book looking for a place to eat lunch and low and behold the burger joint's ad jumps out at you. That personal recommendation last week from your close friend is playing a part on your decision making today.

How much did it cost that restaurant to get you to eat there? That's right a big fat zero, nada, zilch! Use testimonials in your marketing and watch the results. If your in an associate book program and have links to books you enjoy and think your visitors will enjoy why not write a short review along with your link? It only take a minute to add a testimonial to your products or services. I am not talking about creating one from scratch for a product you never use, let's be real here your visitors are smarter then that. I am talking about telling your visitors how you feel about products and services you use. If your happy with it tell them why, what made you buy it, what do you like about it , etc.? Trust me your visitors will listen.

You do have a newsletter right?
Are you using a newsletter to keep in touch with your visitors? If not, you are missing a great free marketing opportunity. An e-mail newsletter is a great way to tell your visitors about new products, services, links, content, etc. that you have to offer on your web site, adding testimonials to your newsletter will draw visitors back to your web site and into your associate programs.

Newsletters are not hard to produce, are free, effective, and extremely valuable to your marketing program. You can find several site catering to email marketing in the E-Mail Marketing section of I highly recommend you use a newsletter as part of your web site marketing.

I produce the Free Helping Hand Internet Marketing Newsletter and would be happy to send it to you. Just click the above link and type in your email address, back issues are also available online. Read through the Helping Hand and you will see how effective and popular a newsletter can become. If you can provide useful content for your subscribers you will be on your way to a successful revenue generating associate program.

Your Associate Guide © 1999 David Seitz

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