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The Associate Guide
This guide will help you create a steady income stream from your web site. If you are new to the Internet or associate programs in general you should start at the beginners chapter which will help explain associate programs in detail. Explore this guide at your own pace and with a little work, the power of the Internet, and the Associate Search web site you will be on your way to creating a long term revenue stream from your web site.

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Your Associate Guide : Tip's &Trick's
Part 2
by David Seitz -

Joining an associate program and setting up your links is just the beginning of your journey. There are many steps you will need to take to make your new associate program produce desirable results. I'll show you some of the trick's & techniques I use in my own marketing as well as give you some solid advice from other Internet marketers.

  • Ask for it dummy!
  • I need to contact you.
  • Set me on the right path.

Ask for it dummy!
Are you asking your visitors for their advice, comments, suggestions? If your not, how do you know what they want? Adding a survey, fill out form, suggestion box, etc. to your web site can help you provide content, products and services your visitors want and need. Knowing demographic information about your visitors and joining associate programs that are related to your visitors tastes will greatly improve your revenue stream.

I need to contact you?
Make sure you have a way visitors can easily contact you from every single page on your site. I prefer e-mail and consider it first priority you may prefer the phone, mail, chat, etc. Whatever your preferred mode of communication you use make sure your visitors can easily find it. I prefer e-mail for several reasons some of which are: It's available 24 hours,it's free, it's personal, easy to store and keep track of, in most cases delivered instantly,
allows me to communicate with as many people as I want and is accessible from just about anywhere. I have my contact information listed on every page and in my case since I am a web designer I have a link to my portfolio as well.

Set me on the right path.
Many times you will have to contact your visitors several times before they purchase a product or service from your web site. It is helpful if you are marketing a well known associate program. You need to build trust with your visitors. Make sure you answer questions promptly, let the user know your interested in helping them. If they are having trouble deciding on a certain service or product, offer them helpful advice. Be courteous, kind, and responsible and your visitors will treat you very well.

If I come across a question that I can't answer I will send the user a few web site links, or email addresses of someone that can answer them. Some marketers think I'm nuts rushing my visitors away to another site but I'm happy to help a lost soul out even if it means pointing them to a competitor. I provide a valued service through this web site and if I can't personally help a person I will be glad to recommend someone who can. I trust my visitors will remember that I helped provide a solution and still return to use my web site. The point I am making is: Don't be afraid to link or recommend other sites even if they are competitors. Your visitors will be grateful if they find the answer they are looking for and you can bet they will remember who referred them. hmm..... think anyone will recommend people to your site? You betcha!

Are you finding this guide and web site useful? Could you stop for a sec and recommend it to a friend to help spread the word. I would greatly appreciate it! You can use the handy form I have towards the bottom left of the web site.

Your Associate Guide © 1999 David Seitz

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