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"Winning the Affiliate Game.
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The Associate Guide
This guide will help you create a steady income stream from your web site. If you are new to the Internet or associate programs in general you should start at the beginners chapter which will help explain associate programs in detail. Explore this guide at your own pace and with a little work, the power of the Internet, and the Associate Search web site you will be on your way to creating a long term revenue stream from your web site.

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Your Associate Guide : Tip's &Trick's
Part 3
by David Seitz -

Joining an associate program and setting up your links is just the beginning of your journey. There are many steps you will need to take to make your new associate program produce desirable results. I'll show you some of the trick's & techniques I use in my own marketing as well as give you some solid advice from other Internet marketers.

  • It's Free, use it!
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It's Free, use it!
Are you using all the information and tool's available from your associate programs company? Many associate programs especially the large well know ones have a tremendous amount of helpful tool's for you to take advantage of. From online real time statistics to free images, there all yours for the taking.

Visit the company's web sites and see what is available to you, you may very well be surprised at the amount of free stuff you can grab. Most associate companies take their associates very seriously and have put allot of time, effort and money into their associate marketing programs. They have tested marketing programs, designed professional graphics, and incorporated tip's trick's and content for their associates to freely use on their own web sites. Most associates are not even aware this information is available to them, check and read the entire e-mail you receive when you join a program! Most of the information is right there under your nose.

One great example is the Internet marketing course from Mr.: Corey Rudel you would be quite happy with all the helpful images, content, advice, etc. freely available to help you market the program. Buying the course as well will greatly improve your Internet marketing, I use many of the techniques throughout this site.

The reason I am showing you the Internet marketing course is because out of most of the programs available this is one of the easiest to join and they provide you with an enormous amount of free advice, tips, tools, and graphics to freely use. They also offer a very generous two tier version so you can earn revenue off of other webmasters who enroll from your site as well as people buying the course from your site. If you are considering an associate program try the marketing center out, it comes highly recommended. This is one of the finest examples of how a professional associate program should be run and I can think of about 100 company's that should buy Mr. Rudles course and redesign their own programs.

Help is an e-mail away.
Having trouble making money with your associate program? Try contacting the associate program company directly and explain your dilemma, In most cases you will find all the help and guidance you need right from your associate programs company. Exploring the rest of this site as well will set you in the right direction and I am sure you will find all the tool's you could want to help explode your associate program earnings.

Are you finding this guide and web site useful? Could you stop for a sec and recommend it to a friend to help spread the word. I would greatly appreciate it! You can use the handy form I have towards the bottom left of the web site.

Your Associate Guide © 1999 David Seitz

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